MOSQUITO SCREEN – Pleated mosquito screen

Pleated vertical mosquito screen

Pleated mosquito screen that has a depth of only 27 mm, advantage that allows its installation in reduced spaces.

Pleated reversible.

Mosquito screen suitable for installation in doors, its design allows the collection of the mosquito net, by joining the two profiles, and the total extension of the network, on both sides of the slip.

Pleated lateral.

Pleated mosquito screen with a total depth of only 27 mm, advantage that allows installation in confined spaces.

Suitable for installation on doors, has a lateral movement, and that its lower guide has a height of 7 mm, provides a comfortable step without obstacles.

Pleated 1 sheet and 2 sheets.

Ideal for continuous gates, such as terraces or gardens, where speed and comfort are required when opening. The pleated integrates tension threads that give it greater robustness; also offering a high resistance to ultraviolet rays.

Pleated Cuttable.

Its retractable system guided by chain allows it to be hidden inside the profile, presenting no obstacle to the passage. Its main advantage is that it can be trimmed in height to fit our hole with a maximum of 30 cm.

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